Ooh, oh! Mo'! (uomo) wrote,
Ooh, oh! Mo'!


Leafblowers outside, must be tuesday. Just in time for my business phone conference.

Wanted to eat before the meeting. For a while SB&I have been making "raw pasta" by shredding parsnip, zucchini and topping with homemade gazpachio. Only last 2 times we bought daikon radish instead of parsnip, which has that strong radish taste which is hard to get over. Well, decided to just take the shredded radish + gespachia, mix in an egg, and make ersatz latkes. Latkes are potato and onion and taste good. Shredded radish + tomato + egg, fried, is slightly more palatable then shredded radish + tomato raw.

I salute our cave-dwelling forebears for cooking with fire, and showing us how to improve a raw-foods diet.

Wedding crap around my parent's feud. I think I can deal, just wish they wouldn't keep stoking the drama fire.
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