Ooh, oh! Mo'! (uomo) wrote,
Ooh, oh! Mo'!

interesting food

trader joe's roasted red pepper and tomato soup + canned refried beans (1/4 to 1/2 part) = heavenly bachelor chow. I also added a smidgen of hot sauce and cinnamon. I can make these things because my girlfriend is out of town today.

Then there's the nightmarish food from last night's nightmare. Joan Rivers, at the request of the majority of her nursing home, made fried human rinds from local children. She claimed it improved the kid's health and complexion, but she only said that because she knew the old folks wanted their deep-fried human child skin guilt-free. Eventually she was caught and severely punished, but the rest of the old folks got off scott-free, with perhaps only an uneasy conscience, having always suspected that flaying people causes them to painfully expire. I was disturbed because I was there while Joan did the skinning. I was in the minority that wouldn't touch the rinds and wanted Joan to stop, and I was pretty sure the kids were dying slow and horrible deaths, but I didn't want to believe the obvious either. Told myself "it looks vile and unconscionable, but she says it's good and she's the expert..." At the end of the dream I was visiting a monument about it all and thinking about how it would still be going on, if the outside world hadn't intervened and made the cannibalistic majority into a minority.

I'm sure most of that comes from reading a holocaust book a few weeks ago, and from being a generally altruistic peacenic in a generally bellicose greed-is-good society (where there is no outside world to save us, sigh).

Well, apologies to Joan Rivers, she'd be appalled. And enjoy that soup.
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