It's Alive

I woke up thinking how I liked the low-impact of LiveJournal, I can post and maybe no one will read it. On a site like FB if I post maybe a few dozen people will see it- scary! And, this site has so few ads!

I was a bit surprised that this site's terms of service is now in Russian. This was my on my first login here after 5 years, so it made me reset my password and showed me the new TOS in Cyrillic. I had actually been to the LiveJournal/Six Apart HQ in San Francisco a couple times by attending Perl Mongers meetings there–and friends did some architecture work on their office space. Didn't know about the sale.

Was interesting to scan a bit. My "Friends Feed" and "Activity" have zero entries– unsurprising. Was fun to scroll back through my old writings. I'm a little ashamed at myself for a private entry about my fiancée's unhappiness with her wedding dress pick with no compassion for her predicament, reason enough for it not to last.

Glad LJ is alive and well, glad it is still as anonymous as its users want to be...


Random note

Starting my workday listening to a CD I bought 25 years ago, eating burnt microwave popcorn that had a "best by" date four months ago, with cream in my coffee that curdled. Need to look forward!


Leafblowers outside, must be tuesday. Just in time for my business phone conference.

Wanted to eat before the meeting. For a while SB&I have been making "raw pasta" by shredding parsnip, zucchini and topping with homemade gazpachio. Only last 2 times we bought daikon radish instead of parsnip, which has that strong radish taste which is hard to get over. Well, decided to just take the shredded radish + gespachia, mix in an egg, and make ersatz latkes. Latkes are potato and onion and taste good. Shredded radish + tomato + egg, fried, is slightly more palatable then shredded radish + tomato raw.

I salute our cave-dwelling forebears for cooking with fire, and showing us how to improve a raw-foods diet.

Wedding crap around my parent's feud. I think I can deal, just wish they wouldn't keep stoking the drama fire.

Lots of snow

I'm in New England for the winter solstice holidays. Generally I arrive hoping for snow and getting a light dusting that blows away after a day, if that... some years it's in the 60's and I walk around warm without a jacket.

This year, blam, a foot or so of powder.


I hadn't packed proper footwear, just a pair of sneakers, knowing that I'd be walking around NYC a bit and thinking there would be little snow. Ended up buying a new pair of boots just for this week!


(no subject)

Just a little note saying I'm alive and well and don't like the cold happening this end of June.

Local songwriter getting airplay on bay area radio has best use of strident singing I've heard in a while- Bhi Bhiman is his name.

Cute song I Think He's Gay though it wasn't cute the second time hearing it, and it's a dozen years old, and there's another version on youtube with Greek subtitles, and is just cheap stereotypes, and I've wasted too much time posting it already.

A Big Proposal

Told the family*, now to tell the world, SB & I are gettin' hitched!

It was a romantic moment- we were visiting a state park just south of Big Sur, and after we'd enjoyed the view of the waterfall a bit, I got on my knees & surprised her with a ring, she said "of course, of course" through the tears.

We made the commitment on Feb 29th- I figger leap days are four times more precious than ordinary days :-)

It's put us into a persistent good mood.

Family wedding in Fall '09 with a west-coast party to follow.


* Took an extra day and a half, because my sister was in Dublin Ireland for work and hadn't told anyone- had to seek her out in cyberspace and tell her to call me!
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Universal fantasy (mating)

No lie- it was so great! I had a dream last night that I found mates for all the unmatched socks in our household. They were clean and warm fresh from the drier, with all the rest of our laundry.