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I'm now a plumber

...and I'm not talking about how my pants are a couple inches too low :-p

Tomorrow will be day three of fixing the leaky toilet. I will seal its leaky ass if it kills me. (See "Pyrrhic victory". Those two words occur to me on nearly a daily basis. It's the backstory of my life.)

My momma wanted me to do some chores as her xmas gift. #1 on the list was sealing part of the basement with waterproof cement. I spent a few hours trying to reach this place, sitting on the hot-water tank, trying not to disturb it, body half-twisted. I couldn't make it work. In the end I tried glopping in a few cups of cement but it wasn't properly mixed and wouldn't stick to anything. The gap was rather large. Next day, we bought a few cans of expando-foam and sprayed it in. Not nearly as good as cement but it made Mom happy.

Next on the list was replacing many lightbulbs. Easy!

The toilet was running. It looked to me like the fill valve had a problem. Removing that took about three or four hours, never did it before, required some contortions and a wrench. No working wrenches here. I tried pliers, no dice. There was an adjustable wrench rusted shut with weird gunk dried up inside of it. Running it under water loosened the gunk, and I figgered I'd have it working quicker than another run the the hardware store. I figgered wrong. Took some silicon spray, some 3-in-1, a screwdriver, a thin nail, a paper towel, and the pliers to fix it. Still, as soon as it was fixed, the old fill valve came out, yay!

The new fill valve went in. The new fill valve protrudes from the bottom of the tank 1/2" less then the old one did. The supply line is now 1/4" too short to reach the new fill valve. No amount of pulling will make it reach.

So it's another run to the hardware store, for a new toilet supply line. The shortest one they have is about 6" too long. It kinks when I install it, and no water goes through.

I cut it and it installs- but cutting it removes a flare on one side. There's still a washer- will it or won't it make a good seal? Time will tell...

The new fill valve works great - and the old one was probably working too. The flapper leaks. The flapper is an easier repair, and costs less then a fill valve too.

Oops. One more trip to the hardware store.

I get a new flapper that says "fits all models." Well, it doesn't fit this model. This toilet has a flapper that looks like nothing in the hardware store. It's like two of those cardboard tubes inside a toilet-paper roll, only made out of plastic and in a cross, weighting down the rubber stopper. I might have to replace the plastic ring it falls down on, too.

Oops. One more trip to the hardware store.
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