Ooh, oh! Mo'! (uomo) wrote,
Ooh, oh! Mo'!

I'm back... or.. AM I? (twilight zone theme) nee nee nee nee

I left California for two months (or was it three, four? I forget), visiting the family homestead, & going on a long vacation around Europe with girlfriend.

Aside: I can't find the pictures from the UK & first half of Iceland- burned onto a CDR, probably in my mother's house somewhere. I haven't uploaded the pictures from the 2nd half. And my old on-line gallery crashed a couple years ago and I haven't figgured out how to resurrect it. I did pay for a full Flickr account, which I haven't used.

That explains why I wasn't on LJ for a April-Aug, not that I ever was a major poster, but I was on about once a month, checking in.

Then I came back to California, and had to find a new apartment for girlfriend & I to move into. That complete, we had to move and unpack, oy oy oy. Mr. 10-yrs of Cali stuff plus a vanload of boxes from Pittsburgh has to share a one bedroom means much work, and many carloads of donations to the thrift store. The last of the crap went on the "free" pages of craigslist and ebay, yay!

So that explains another couple months.

As for the last month or two, I'm now a homebody. I could have gone and seen the Red Elvises last weekend, but I have a little cold, and I am happy staying home.

I never wanted to be like my friends who got paired up and then disappeared, but it's happening to me. Here I am, turning invisible.

Well I am not a hermit by nature. I'm gonna go back and read all yer journals over the next couple days to see what I missed.

Sorry for the big gap.

ps. I'll be in Pittsburgh Mon-Weds next week, I think.
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